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Payments with PayPal

PayPal is an extremely large, secure, and trusted payment processor that processes millions of transactions daily, along with the benefits of knowing that your payment information is secure, PayPal allows credit card payments without needing to register a paypal account. To pay with a credit card, checkout your basket with PayPal, and then click on 'Guest Checkout' at the PayPal checkout page. You'll be directed to a credit card payment area, without the need of creating a PayPal account.

Where is your money going?

All revenue earned is spent directly on the server, allowing us to cover the many costs of maintaining and growing a successful server. A few of these fees may include development, hosting, DDoS protection, services, advertising, and more. The server is not free to run, and thus ample support is required to increase the server's growth.

Failing the fraud check?

If you are failing the fraud check, be sure you're not using a VPN when purchasing your packages, along with this, check that your billing information on PayPal is up to date.

Does this FAQ suck?

If you have any further questions that were left unanswered by the FAQ please contact us at, or post a thread here if you are having issues with purchasing a package.